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Toprak Group has set out its journey in the Construction Sector. Toprak Holding subsequently made investments in the sectors of ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitary products, stationery items and tissue papers, cast-iron, sanitary products, tea cups, polyester yarns, and oil production, and also gained presence in the trading sector.

Below is an up-to-date summary of the milestones achieved by the Holding:

  • 1979 - Toprak Sanitary Products Company is incorporated.

  • 1979 - Toprak Construction Materials Marketing Company begins its operations with three stores. Number of these stores has reached to 75 by 1998.

  • 1981 - Toprak Ceramics Company, Toprak Paper Company, Toprak Energy, and Toprak Cast-Iron Company are incorporated.

  • 1982 - Technology surveys carried out at abroad for Toprak Sanitary are finalized, and Bozüyük Ceramic Factory, the first Fast Firing Facility, commences its production activities.

  • 1983 - Toprak Ceramic Marketing Company is incorporated in order to market products of Toprak Sanitary Company. Number of the Company’s authorized vendors exceeds 350 in 1999. Toprak Ceramic Factory in Bozüyük starts its operations. Toprak Transportation Company and Toprak Automotive Company are incorporated in this year.
  • 1984 - Toprak Mining Company, Toprak Foreign Trading Company, and Toprak Paper Marketing Company are incorporated.

  • 1985 - Toprak Paper Company starts production of tissue papers. Topex Co., Ltd. is also incorporated as the first company of the Group in England. Topravit Co., Ltd. is incorporated to import and market floor and wall tiles and sanitary products in England.

  • 1987 - Toprak Consumer Goods Marketing Company starts its operations. Bulb Factory of Toprak Energy Company in Bozüyük starts production activities. Cast-iron Factory starts to produce and sell cast-iron radiators to the market.

  • 1988 - The first helicopter of the Group appears in the air

  • 1989 - Toprak Insurance Company is incorporated..

  • 1990 - Toprak Energy Company starts production of glassware products. Toprak Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Company is incorporated. This is followed by incorporation of Toprak Tourism Enterprises and Toprak Pharmaceuticals Marketing Company.

  • 1991 - Production of automotive spare parts starts. The first art gallery of Toprak opens its doors

  • 1992 - Toprak Deutschland GmbH is incorporated for the purpose of importing and exporting raw materials and industrial products in Germany.

  • 1993 - Mine Processing Facility goes into Operation.

  • 1994 - Toprak Insulation Company is incorporated. Toprak Pharmaceuticals Company starts its production activities. Toprak Ceramics Co., Ltd. is incorporated to manufacture floor and wall tiles in England.

  • 1995 - Toprak Acrylic Company is incorporated. Toprak Air Transport Company is also incorporated in the same year.

  • 1996 - Toprak Hygienic Products Company and Toprak Insulation Company start their production activities. Toprak France is incorporated for the purpose of performing domestic and foreign trading of all kinds of raw materials and finished goods.

  • 1997 - Eskişehir Tiles Factory starts its production activities. Toprak Marble Company starts production in Lice, Diyarbakır. Toprak Electricity Generation and Auto-Producer Company, and Halis Toprak Foundation are established in the same year.

  • 1998- Toprak Polyester Yarns Factory is established in Sakarya..

  • 1999 - Toprak Center goes into service in Beşiktaş, Istanbul

  • 2000 - Toprak Electricity Generation and Autoproductor Power Plant starts producing electricity. Restaurant & cafeteria facilities of Toprak Tourism in Kaleiçi, Antalya are put into service.

  • 2001- Toprak Porcelain Tiles Factory starts its production activities in Eskişehir.

  • 2003 - Toprak Oil Factory starts its production activities in Lice, Diyarbakır.

  • 2005 - Sarıkamış Toprak Hotel, a five-star hotel, opens its doors in Kars-Sarıkamış.

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