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Toprak Acrylic Bathtubs Factory

Our company was incorporated in August 1995 to produce bathtubs and shower cabins from acrylic materials. Factory has an annual production capacity of 120.000 units at an indoor area of 5.300 square meters.

The most modern factory of Turkey has been put in service of economy through transfer of the respective technologies from Italy. Main raw material of the production process, i.e. acrylic (PMMA : Polymethlylmethacrylate) Turkey and these are provided. This material holds a TÜV certificate, and meets NF standards.

This is a thermoforming process, and all of the molds used are made up of aluminum. Aluminum molds are heated up to 70°C, and temperature is fixed at this level by means of special heaters. It is intended here to ensure a contact between the acrylic material heated up to 180°C with the hot mold in order to prevent shocking.

CTP (Polyester reinforced with glass fiber) application, i.e. the second stage of the production process, is performed to reinforce the product which is formed at the molding stage. This application is performed through coating of back surfaces of the molded products with a mixture of glass fiber and polyester (Spray-up method). Products then undergo a rolling process in order to ensure that polyester resin applied to the back surfaces sticks well to the acrylic surfaces, and these surfaces gain a smooth appearance. Hardened in a rather short time as a result of the chemical reaction, this polyester resin gives a high resistance to bathtubs.

With the objective of ensuring customer satisfaction by means of over sixty distinguished, original, and aesthetical models, our company also has a wide range of hydro massage systems.

Our products are manufactured as per TS EN 198 standards, and exported to Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia and other European Countries. Also having a considerable place at the domestic market, our company has always been the leading company of Turkey in respect of innovations, and pioneered utilization of many innovative materials in the sector. Our company has supported the supply industry which produces auxiliary materials for use in the main production activities, and improved contributions made by the supply industry to the production volume, and granted the highest support for development of the sector.

Our company is always respectful for the environment, and shows the same sensitivity in the entire process from designing of our products to delivery to customers.

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