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Toprak Tiles Factory in Bozuyuk

Toprak Tiles Factory in Bozuyuk is the first factory of Toprak Ceramic Group which has been constructed at an area of 320.000 square meters with an indoor area of 68.000 square meters in 1978. This factory started manufacturing tile products with an initial annual capacity of 2 million square meters in November 1982, and currently it has an annual production capacity of 10.000.000 square meters.

Toprak Ceramic Group has an integrated structure with its main production facilities, raw material processing facilities, frit production plant, and the production plant where special decorative products are manufactured. Toprak Ceramic has pioneered many innovations in Turkish ceramic sector with its innovative and quality products since its incorporation. Having started with the roll kiln at Bozuyuk factory, these innovations continue at present through the continuous investments made in parallel to ever-changing technologies. These technical machinery and equipment as well as trained manpower are the parameters which constitute technical quality of products. It is the most fundamental element of the corporate strategies to carry out production activities and render services in a timely manner in accordance with the actual objectives and requirements.

It is the objective of the company to increase its global market share gradually in the course of time with a wide range of over 1500 products and 2000 decoration choices which are capable of meeting demands of different customers, and show versatility in color, pattern, and size options in addition to the technical quality of its products. Reflecting original Turkish culture to its designs using computer-aided design facilities, Toprak Ceramic maintains close relationships with fashion centers in order to monitor new trends. This synthesis is the most important element which reveals aesthetic and quality aspects in design of Toprak Ceramic products.

Toprak Tile Factory in Bozuyuk operates as per the quality management system standards of TS EN ISO 9001:2000. All the floor tiles produced under Topraser brand have been certified as per TS-EN 14411 Annex H standards, and all the wall tiles produced under Toprafay, Toprakar, Topart, and Studio Line brands have been certified as per TS-EN 14411 Annex L standards. All the factories operate as per the standards of ISO 9001 quality management system. Having adopted the approach of offering complete and perfect services, Toprak Ceramic supports its customers by means of a widespread network of vendors and effective retail stores in the country and its own trade organizations at abroad for the purpose of rendering best quality post-production services in addition to the production process. In this regard, foreign trade companies of Toprak operate in England, France, Germany, and Poland. The company offers effective solutions for even minor problems of its customers by means of the Directorate of Technical Services established within the company.

Toprak Ceramic is the company which exports the largest portion of its production volume at the sector. Approximately 50% of tile products are exported to 40 countries including USA, England, and Germany

Having made important contributions to bring Turkish ceramic sector to its current advanced status, Toprak Ceramic Group shall aim to carry out production activities at the global market, and become the leading manufacturer.

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