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Toprak Iron Casting Factory

TOPRAK Iron Casting Factory has become one of leading foundries of Turkish casting sector since its incorporation in 1987. Factory operates with three production lines at a total area of 362.000 square meters including an indoor area of 36.000 square meters.

With its annual casting capacity of 65.000 tons, the factory serves the construction sector in many areas such as radiators produced from grey cast iron, enameled cast bathtubs; the automotive sector with brake systems produced from grey/sphere cast iron, motor and cylinder heads, hydraulic parts, and etc. Iron casting operations are performed in accordance with international standards such as EN GJL/GJS , NF A32-101/201 , ASTM , SAE , JIS, and etc. Furthermore, parts with special alloys (i.e. Cu, Ni, Cr, Sn, Mo, and etc) are produced as per any mechanical specifications requested by customers.

Foundry is equipped with state-of-art machinery and equipment, and holds TS EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO TS 16949:2002 Quality System Certificates. Radiators and bathtubs produced are certified as per TSE standards, and automotive parts are certified as per the international standards such as KIWA, RWTάV (97/23/EC), DIN CERTCO, GHOST, DB (Deutsche Bahn), and etc.

It is the most fundamental element of our corporate strategy to understand and meet requirements of our customers, improve products, and renew technologies at our factory at the same time.
Toprak Iron Casting Company exports 95% of its total production volume. Among the companies to which our products are exported are the giants of the automotive sector such as VOLVO, MERCEDES, RENAULT, FIAT, MAN, and etc., and the leading companies specialized in production of rail systems throughout Europe. In addition, our company is also carrying out casting works for brake disks of the tramcars within scope of ESTRAM project which is ongoing in Eskiώehir at present.

Having played an important role in development of Turkish casting industry, our company has set its objective as “to produce the best quality products as per standards of our customers, and deliver them to our customers in accurate quantities and in a timely manner.”

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