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Toprak Pharmaceuticals Factory


Toprak Pharmaceuticals is the most modern pharmaceuticals factory of Turkey with a production theoretical production capacity of 85 million boxes of a single shift at its premises commissioned in Sakarya in 1994 with fully computerized state-of-art technologies.

Toprak Pharmaceuticals attaches a considerable importance to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) rules as well as research and development activities at its modern facilities seated at an area of 20.676 square meters, and aims at performing production of active pharmaceutical substances in Turkey, and also continues its activities for formulation and development of generic drugs, synthesis of raw materials, and production of medicines of herbal origin.

Applying state-of-art technologies to each process from production to control of products through its ongoing modernization investments, Toprak Pharmaceuticals has become to be known at the international markets. The Company is about to complete the first stage of its pilot manufacturing plants which are under construction as well as R&D activities, and is proud of being pioneer in this field.

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