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Toprak Construction Co.

Established in 1977 as the first company of Toprak Holding which owns the most powerful companies of Turkey at present, Toprak Construction Trade and Industry Company monitors and implements all the advancements in the domestic and international construction sectors.

Toprak Construction Trade and Industry Company has a professional experience of many years, in-depth knowledge of materials, state-of-art technologies, and a staff of personnel specialized in their respective fields.

Toprak Construction Company has completed construction works of Toprak Center Building, a model of the advanced technologies located at Yıldız, Istanbul, in 1998 and put it in service of the Holding. Furthermore, Building of the Saving Deposits Insurance Fund (TMSF), a smart building, has been constructed by Toprak Construction Company at Esentepe, Istanbul in 2000

In addition, Supplementary Units of Polyester Yarns Factory and Pharmaceuticals Production Plant in Adapazarı, and Granite Ceramic Products Factory in Eskişehir have been put in service of the Group between 1998 and 2000.

Another industrial investment was made in the Oil & Animal Feed Factories seated in Diyarbakır, Lice as well as Supplementary Units thereof during the period of 2000 to 2005.

Furthermore, Educational and Healthcare Complexes and Social Facilities comprised of an elementary school, a high school with mixed curriculum, a workshop, a multipurpose indoor sports hall, a dormitory for boys and girls, a public training centre, a hospital, personnel houses, and outdoor sports courses have been completed and put in service in of the public in Diyarbakır, Lice during the same period.

Historical houses located in Kaleiçi, Antalya, i.e. one of the tourism investments of the Group, have been restored, and put in service under the name “Hidden Garden” in the year 2000.

Toprak Construction Company shall complete the Çamlıca Complex, which is to be constructed by Toprak Group, successfully by means of its equipment, knowledge, and experience.

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