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Toprak Paper Products Marketing Company

Founded in 1984, Toprak Paper Products Marketing and Trading Company has a dynamic sales organization which consists of Regional Sales Offices in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya and Samsun as well as stores in Cağaloğlu, Topkapı, Yüzyıl in Istanbul, and stores in Bursa, Adapazarı, Denizli, Eskişehir, Konya, Adana, Mersin, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Malatya, Diyarbakır Stores in Anatolia.

Company has been improving its performance since its corporation with its range of products comprised of Toprak first quality pulps (photocopy papers, parchment papers, painting papers, computer papers in the form of sized, rolled, and packed products), Toprak glossy papers (in the form of sized and rolled products), and rolled tissues (napkins and toilet papers) produced by the Group Companies.

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