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Toprak Polyester Yarn Factory

Being one of the newest and most modern plants of Toprak Holding, Toprak Polyester Yarns Factory was constructed at an area of 500.000 square meters shared with Toprak Pharmaceuticals and Toprak Sanitary Products in Sakarya Industrial Zone in 1999, and production activities are carried out at an indoor area of 21.000 square meters.

The factory is equipped with total 4 POY production lines as well as 12 texturing machines, and has an annual production capacity of 14.000 tons. Standard polyester textured yarns as well as high count, intermingled (IMG), torqueless (ASG), and colored yarns are manufactured in the form of bright and semi dull yarns.

Quality control department of the plant is equipped with advanced and sophisticated devices, and quality control activities are performed at various stages of the process from acceptance of raw materials to shipment of finished products.

Toprak Polyester Yarns Factory carries out its production activities by means of its young and dynamic staff based on the approach of flexible production as well as customer-centered operation, and has adopted the principle of meeting demands of domestic and foreign markets for POY and textured yarns by means of quality products and services.


  300 F 72   75 F 68
  150 F 96   75 F 96
  150 F 68   75 F 128
  150 F 48   100 F 96
  150 F 36   100 F 128
  100 F 68   150 F 128
  100 F 36   300 F 256
  75 F 36  
  70   F 36   150 F 96
  70   F 68   150 F 68
  150 F 36   150 F 48
  150 F 68   150 F 36
  300 F 72   100 F 36
      75 F 36

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