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Toprak Hygienic Products Factory

Being one of the recent investments of Toprak Holding, Toprak Hygienic Products Factory was constructed at an area of 500.000 square meters shared with Toprak Pharmaceuticals and Toprak Polyester Yarns in Sakarya Industrial Zone in 1995, and production activities were commenced at an indoor area of 25.000 square meters in 1996.

The factory has total seven(7) production lines, i.e. four(4) diaper production lines and three (3) hygienic female pad production lines.

Libero and Libresse branded Toprak Hygienic Products are produced at an environment which is equipped with the state-of-art technologies, and strictly complies with the sanitary and hygiene requirements with the awareness of TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System standards, in order to meet expectations of consumers for quality products through continuous quality control tests.

Our factory carries out its operations through a technical cooperation with SCA Company, Switzerland, and offers global standards to its customers through the said cooperation based on a service-centered approach, and closely monitors the new product developments

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