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Toprak Ceramic and Building Materials Marketing Company

With its 36 stores and approximately 300 distributors throughout Turkey, Toprak Ceramic and Building Materials Marketing Co., Inc. carries out sale of ground and wall tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic sanitary products, acrylic bathtubs and shower cabins, cast bathtubs and radiators, and glass wools manufactured by the companies of Toprak Group as well as other construction materials produced by third parties such as air conditioners, radiators, armatures, pipes, fittings, kitchen and bathroom materials, and etc. Based on the understanding of unconditional satisfaction of customers, the Company exhibits a visual feast to its wide range of customers with its rich exhibition facilities at its stores which serve not only professionals of the sector but also end users.

Among the product groups of Toprak Ceramic and Building Materials Marketing and Trading Co. Inc., which address to all kinds of tastes and budgets of customers, are ground and wall tiles, ceramic bathroom sets competing one another in terms of elegance, acrylic bathtubs with hydro massage features as well as products of special designs for children, the aged, and common areas.


Toprak Ceramic and Building Materials Marketing and Trading Co. Inc. has adopted a customer-centered service approach, and aims at marketing its products globally by means of regional promotional meetings, fairs, and PR events held throughout the year in addition to advertising campaigns which support promotion of the products as well as the brand image.

For our company which addresses all kinds of consumers with a versatile range of products that are different in their designs, quantities, sizes, colors and prices, the fundamental objective lying behind creation of such a flexible environment is the motivation to offer accurate responses to the demand structure which may vary and develop as per the ever-changing conditions in the course of time, in other words, to respond to the requirements of customers and the market.

Updated and renewed continuously as per current conditions, our knowledge has served as the basis for our current range of thousands of products produced at our modern facilities equipped with the state-of-art technologies based on our customer-focused approach.

Developed as per taste of each group of customers, our products bear traces of the civilizations which rose on our lands in the past, and reflect the trends and breaths emerging at the centers which lead the sector.

Our Mission is to ensure that our products manufactured at large-scaled facilities equipped with state-of-art technologies receive demand from consumers, and improve image of our brands.


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