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Toprak Porcelain Tiles Factory

Toprak Porcelain Tiles Factory is equipped with the state-of-art technologies, and currently has an annual production capacity of 28.0000.0000 square meters when compared to the initial annual production capacity of 2.000.000 square meters in 2001, and has taken its place among giants of the global sector. Toprak Porcelain Tiles Factory is seated at an indoor area of 27.200 square meters.

Like all the tile products, porcelain tiles have also been certified as per TS-EN 14411 Annex G standards, and the factory operates in accordance with TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality System standards.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured through baking, at a temperature of 1210 to 1220°C, i.e. 30 to 40°C higher than that required for ground tiles, of raw materials which are baked in whiter form, more precious and more refined when compared to the raw materials used for production of other tiles. Porcelain is a material with a compact and homogenous body with considerable lesser micro pores. It therefore has higher surface hardness and resistance to corrosion when compared to ordinary ground tiles. It is fully resistant to frost thanks to its nearly zero water intake. It has high mechanical resistance, and is more resistant to chemical substances.

Porcelain tiles are classified as glazed porcelain tiles and unglazed porcelain tiles depending upon the method used for production thereof. Unglazed porcelain tiles are classified in themselves as the tiles composed of the same technique and aesthetics, and the tiles formed through pressing of structural layers of different aesthetics and techniques.

Share of porcelain tiles in both domestic and international markets has been increasing gradually. 65% of the total production volume is exported to many countries.

Fundamental technological developments have been completed for porcelain tiles, and these products have been recognized in the world for superiority of their physical characteristics when compared to similar products. Market share of these products has been increasing gradually due to versatility and original designs of these products. Nature is imitated more efficiently in the design process with dimensions, shapes, colors, and surface characteristics of porcelain tiles, more refined products are developed, and all the elements intended to create a fashion are employed carefully.

“Production for Global Markets”, i.e. the first item of the Quality Policy of Toprak Ceramic, shall continue in accordance with these principles

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