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  • To ensure that the Human Resources are utilised in the most effective and productive way, orient the Production and Management Potential towards the objectives of Holding and Group Companies, augment the personal and institutional performance permanently by means of quality improving processes and systems;

  • To enable the appointment of personnel in accordance with the quality of the work, provide the employees with training and improvement means according to their abilities and competencies,

  • To look after the equality of opportunity in the promotions and appointments within the Organisation, take pain over the execution of director appointments to be from the inside of the Holding and Group as far as possible,

  • To inform the employees of the matters concerning them in due time, ensure that they can notify the higher ranks of their opinions and thoughts easily,

  • To encourage the employees in their work, ensure that a work environment which will make the employees pleased is created and good relations between the employees are established,

  • To reward the successful employees according to the available means.

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